Carrillo's Holiday Ruminations, Part Forty-Eight

In Kimm Wiens, New Mexico

Frosted Landscapes: Winter in New Mexico

In I CUM DRUMS, Ipytor Gavyen Machislav

Things in Light Podcast #10: Cock-of-the-rock Mix


a note on the unpredictability of winter weather in el burque y la vecinidad

In Albuquerque, Albuquerque UFO

Sounds Like Weekend, Rhymes With Fix

In Ajilvsga, Alms

Things in Light Podcast #9: Aural Alms Mix

In 10CC, Andrews Sisters

A Very TIL Thanksgiving: The Rest is Gravy

In Dread, Great White Buffalo

Things in Light Podcast #8: Sign of the Horns Mix

In Autopoesis, Chemtrail Pilot

Things in Light Podcast #7: Spookasem Mix

In ABQ MTV, Gusher

ABQ MTV: Resurrections, Zoology, and Pliers


"But won't we all parade around and sing our songs, a magic kingdom, open-armed."


"Welcome to the Camp, I Guess You All Know Why We're Here"



In balloon, Balloon Fiesta

Things in Light Podcast #6: Up, Up and Away

In Churchfires, Flake Music

Things in Light Podcast #5: Church of Rock

In Beirut, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Things in Light Podcast #4: Songs in the Key of Nuevo Mexicano


Post for Howard Bryan

In Alchemical Burn, Aural Anomaly

Things in Light Podcast #3: A Scream is Never Just That


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