Things in Light Podcast #5: Church of Rock

2:55 PM

 Georgia O'Keeffe, Ranchos Church, New Mexico

Enjoy eight songs from the relatively recent past by New Mexico artists like Gingerbread Patriots, Veery, and The Drags. See the full track listing below.


1. Karen - Strength for the Weaker Ones (Sink or Swim Pt. II)
2. Gingerbread Patriots - Wax Lips
3. Veery - I'm Not in Love (10cc cover)
4. The Oktober People - Projector Enthusiast
5. The Drags - Jet Lag
6. The Rondelles - Kersmash! Eye, My
7. Churchfires w/ Keith Galler - Mass Leisure
8. Flake Music - Nuevo 

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