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Things in Light Podcast #9: Aural Alms Mix

The medium is the massage, so meditate on the many reasons to attend the EarnMirror to MirrorAlms, and TAHNZzz show at Small Engine Gallery (1413 Fourth SW) on Friday night. RSVP to the show here. Alms' Nathan Young's other project, Ajilvsga, is also represented on TIL's ninth podcast.  See the full track listing below. 

1. Alms - Buried Secrets
2. Mirror to Mirror - The Same Restlessness
3. Earn - Hundreds of Years/Only Black/A Following Shadow
4. TAHNZzz - Full Metal Cardigan (Extended Version)
5. Ajilvsga - Wounds Received in Battle
6. Mirror to Mirror - Untitled III
7. Ajilvsga - Rose Pyramids
8. Earn - Leather Rose/Living Daylight/Pressure of Speech/Avenue

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