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Things in Light Podcast #3: A Scream is Never Just That

Enjoy eight experimental tracks from past and present Nuevomexicano artists, including Mammal Eggs, Ipytor Gavyen Machislav, and Milch de la Máquina. See the full track listing below.

1. Mammal Eggs - La Lune Autour La Tete Des Amis 
2. Milch de la Máquina - Titwrench Performance on 7/10/10
3. Ipytor Gavyen Machislav - Stupid Handshake
4. Aural Anomaly - Damaged Goods
5. Alchemical Burn - Mammals at Mach Speed
6. Discotays - $30
7. Raven Chacon - Neezná (with Mask)
8. Vomit the Void Volume - Talking God Speaks

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