ABQ MTV: Resurrections, Zoology, and Pliers

6:35 PM

Things in Light is pleased to present the fourth episode of ABQ MTV.

William Fowler Collins' new LP, The Resurrections Unseen, will be available in the U.S. on November 7. The limited edition record was pressed on blood-red vinyl. This mooning -- and, yes, somewhat morbid -- music video provides a fitting visual counterpart to WFC's dark ambient track "Abattoir." Type Records' press release leads with, "There are dark forces at work deep in the deserts of New Mexico." Indeed.

William Fowler Collins - Abattoir from John Twells on Vimeo.

Zoology's video for "Don't Step" showcases slick moves, sick beats, and downtown Burque. Simply put, it's tight. Forward motion, unpretentious enthusiasm, and Nuevomexicano skies make this music video a pleasure to watch. Good on ya, Zoology crew!

Gusher's first music video shows the band -- decked out in gas masks and medical garb -- alternately torturing a bound woman on a school bus and rocking out. So, yeah, the video's narrative is perhaps best described as "beating a dead cliché." But the sound, cinematography, and editing ain't bad. I'll admit I was waiting for a clever twist or satirical ending that never materialized, but that's a matter of personal taste. Watch it below and make your own assessment. And somebody get these guys "some fucking pliers."

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