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Things in Light Podcast #7: Spookasem Mix

The Scrams are almost dead. Burque's warehouse rocanrol darlings are holding a raucous wake for their beloved band at the final Scrams show on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011. [Click here for deets on The Scrams' last show.] In their final act, the boys got the folks at Immigrant Breast Nest to remix six of their tunes. Since we really dug the resulting recordings, we created a podcast around our favorites, "Chimp Necropsy (Seismologist Remix)" and "Steve Sangre (FluiD Remix)." We call it the Spookasem Mix, because, like the Akfrikaans word for cotton candy -- which literally translates to "ghost breath" -- our time listening to this project was super-sweet and unspooling the last gloriously sticky strands is more than a little bittersweet. Dear Scrams, thanks for the memories and, perhaps more importantly, the recordings.

The below podcast is dedicated to Scrams past and present: Joe Cardillo, Nate Daly, Dan Eiland, Kenta Henmi, J.J. Papadopoulos, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, and Matthew Vanek. Heart-hug. See the full track listing below.

1. The Scrams - Chimp Necropsy (Seismologist Remix)
2. Chemtrail Pilot - Legion of Wolves
3. Occasional Detroit - Freek
4. Discotays - Goldtooth
5. The Scrams - Steve Sangre (FluiD Remix)
6. Glad as Knives - Tears of Fire
7. Autopoesis - Love and Electroshock
8. Mama Coma - Can't Stand the Rain
9. Discotays - Cheii

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  1. Big ups to you and those that have enjoyed our musics and supported us along the way! - Joe


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