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Things in Light Podcast #8: Sign of the Horns Mix

Rawk out with heavy Nuevomexicano peeps past and present on TIL's eighth podcast, Sign of the Horns. I mean, RAWK. See the full track listing below. 

1. Tenderizor - Touch the Sword
2. Roñoso - Nature Defier
3. Leeches of Lore - Pig Scrapings
4. Noisear - God is a Sadist
5. Los Subliminados - Female Cop
6. Dread - Brace for Destruction
7. Old Man - Phesh
8. Leeches of Lore - Deathgrip
9. Sabertooth Cavity - Pisachi y Diablerist
10. Great White Buffalo - Handful of Darkness

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