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27 November 2011

Sounds Like Weekend, Rhymes With Fix

Rudolfo Carrillo
by Rudolfo Carrillo

Down yonder in the labyrinthine structure and circumstance that defines Things in Light, we are in the business of presenting you with regional information, ideas and events. Of course, it's all filtered through our own peculiar lens. Given that postmodern bent, it is sometimes the case that we appropriate the appropriate. 
This is what I'm getting at: I had a craving the other day for an old format. An internet communication interface, if you will kindly indulge me, that eschews deep analysis for brief and pithy hyperlink-supported teasers. That's what journalists used to call short paragraphs below the fold that described what was going on inside the newspaper, trying to gain a reader's interest, sabes? Well, they didn't have hyperlinks back then, but just lonely old page references to guide the reader to their new and abrupt fascinations.
If that ain't clue enough to what is going on this week at the blog now handily located at Things in Light, then I reckon I ought to just go ahead and fill you in on stuff that happened this week in  good old Burque. Some of it is news, and some of it is not.

The Persistence of Culture Along Route Sixty-Six
On the night before Thanksgiving, the missus and I decided to go to the closest fast-food hamburger joint in the vicinity, on a lark. We usually eat brown rice and farm-caught salmon seven days a week, and we wanted to see how the other half lives, as they say.
Anywho, we had to wait in line an inordinate amount of time, as the two young gentlemen in a Buick Riviera with deeply tinted windows and a Florida license plates completed a complicated order. I say it was complicated because oddly, when they got to the window, they chatted with the clerk and then traded him a really tiny piece of paper for three bag loads of burgers, with loads of fries tumbling out of the overfilled bags, too. I wonder if that was some kinda new credit card deal or something. Kids these days. The guy at the window did seem real perky and excited by the time our turn came, I might add.

They are Here
News giant KRQE reports on an increase in UFO sightings in the Albuquerque vicinity. In a stroke of stylistic genius, the reporter goes on to note that one witness photographed a "UFO-shaped cloud", that is, a cloud that resembles an unidentified flying object. Very stealthy usage, but I'd still like to draw the reporter's attention to the words saucer and cigar, if I may.

Where to Now, Makers of Democracy?
The Occupy Albuquerque movement, also known as the (un)Occupy Albuquerque movement, held a general assembly meeting this past weekend. It is supposed that members worked on the vision thing. Notes published on the the official website, however, continued to confirm tension and fractious relations between two groups of protesters whose polemic revolves around semantics. One group says colonized peoples have always felt occupied, so to claim such in name would be yet another unbearable tragedy. Contrariwise, advocates of the original appellation say that the post-racial nature of the protest means abandoning closely held beliefs about how race often times becomes intertwined with social status. There is the distinct possibility that the local iteration of OWS will splinter. By the way, I tried to find some humor in that situation, to end this vignette, but only felt a sore sense of cynicism and disappointment as I considered the political consequences for a group that has yet to definitively decide on a name.

Felt Good to Burn
Returning home from the petroleum depot on the edge of my luxurious neighborhood, I spied a column of smoke rising from the middle of the glorious and much coveted Parkland Hills area adjacent to mi chante. Sure enough, the folks with Massachusetts license plates and daily deliveries from this or that local organic farm (plus Schwann's) were getting fiery with the autumn leaves that dozens of unwieldy but beautiful-in-the-summertime mulberry trees had deposited all over the place. Before you could say Jiminy Cricket, there were police cars everywhere. Somebody forgot to read the complex details of the city's Open Burn Program. I'll let you all figure out who that was, exactly.

That's Slob Hill, Pal
My friend the artist drove me over to Ghetto Smith's this afternoon. She was gonna borrow my inkily atrementous Toyota star-cruiser for a quick trip out to the Volcanoes, for religious purposes, she said. On the way, and before the space-warp generator engaged, limiting coherent conversation for a duration of fifteen milliseconds, she told me that folks in town were referring to the student ghetto by a new moniker. She laughed and loftily intoned the words, "Slob Hill," as we slid back into real time. In the supermarket, among the fruits and vegetables, I wondered if that newly defined reputation had anything to do with the demolition earlier this week of the Werner-Gilchrist House.
There is a great local blog about that event and it is here. The only thing I take exception with is the fact of the old house's habitation. I am certain that when I lived next door as an undergrad, in the mid-eighties, the old wreck was still occupied. I remember nights in the late fall of 1984, walking past the crumbling, tree-of-heaven-infested place after the UNM art studios had closed up. I heard an eery and rambling piano being played somewhere inside every time I ambled home.

That's all for now. Be seeing you.

26 November 2011

Things in Light Podcast #9: Aural Alms Mix

Samantha Anne Carrillo
The medium is the massage, so meditate on the many reasons to attend the EarnMirror to MirrorAlms, and TAHNZzz show at Small Engine Gallery (1413 Fourth SW) on Friday night. RSVP to the show here. Alms' Nathan Young's other project, Ajilvsga, is also represented on TIL's ninth podcast.  See the full track listing below. 

1. Alms - Buried Secrets
2. Mirror to Mirror - The Same Restlessness
3. Earn - Hundreds of Years/Only Black/A Following Shadow
4. TAHNZzz - Full Metal Cardigan (Extended Version)
5. Ajilvsga - Wounds Received in Battle
6. Mirror to Mirror - Untitled III
7. Ajilvsga - Rose Pyramids
8. Earn - Leather Rose/Living Daylight/Pressure of Speech/Avenue

24 November 2011

A Very TIL Thanksgiving: The Rest is Gravy

Samantha Anne Carrillo

Thanksgiving is a culturally relative holiday, especially in this neck of the woods. But, since your editor is obsessed with music for all holidays, she slow-roasted an aural mix of 23 classic and modern tunes to soundtrack your cookin', eatin', and snoozin' on the couch. It's an unusual TIL podcast in that there's only one local track, Trilobite's "Pumpkin Farmer." TIL is thankful for all y'all -- family, friends, artists, and patrons -- and wishes you and yours a beautiful day.

See the full track listing below.

1. Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Good Sauce from the Gravy Bowl
2. Gore Gore Girls - Sweet Potato
3. Dee Dee Sharp - Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)
4. Cass McCombs - My Pilgrim Dear
5. Trilobite - Pumpkin Farmer
6. Animal Collective - Pumpkin's Funeral
7. Curve - Turkey Crossing
8. Zomes - Pilgrim Traveler
9. Doris Day - Easy as Pie
10. Cab Calloway - Everybody Eats When They Come to My House
11. Beastie Boys - Gratitude
12. Little Eva - Let's Turkey Trot
13. Girls - Vomit
14. Beck - Nicotine & Gravy
15. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - Pumpkin Pie
16. Rosemary Clooney - Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep
17. The Ventures - Mashed Potato Time
18. The Ohio Players - Jive Turkey
19. Grady O'Neil & The Bella Tones - Turkey Neck Stretch
20. The Flaming Lips - Thanks to You
21. 10CC - I Hate to Eat Alone
22. Al Bowlly & Ray Noble - Make Yourself a Happiness Pie
23. Andrews Sisters - Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep

19 November 2011

Things in Light Podcast #8: Sign of the Horns Mix

Samantha Anne Carrillo

Rawk out with heavy Nuevomexicano peeps past and present on TIL's eighth podcast, Sign of the Horns. I mean, RAWK. See the full track listing below. 

1. Tenderizor - Touch the Sword
2. Roñoso - Nature Defier
3. Leeches of Lore - Pig Scrapings
4. Noisear - God is a Sadist
5. Los Subliminados - Female Cop
6. Dread - Brace for Destruction
7. Old Man - Phesh
8. Leeches of Lore - Deathgrip
9. Sabertooth Cavity - Pisachi y Diablerist
10. Great White Buffalo - Handful of Darkness

17 November 2011

Things in Light Podcast #7: Spookasem Mix

Samantha Anne Carrillo

The Scrams are almost dead. Burque's warehouse rocanrol darlings are holding a raucous wake for their beloved band at the final Scrams show on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011. [Click here for deets on The Scrams' last show.] In their final act, the boys got the folks at Immigrant Breast Nest to remix six of their tunes. Since we really dug the resulting recordings, we created a podcast around our favorites, "Chimp Necropsy (Seismologist Remix)" and "Steve Sangre (FluiD Remix)." We call it the Spookasem Mix, because, like the Akfrikaans word for cotton candy -- which literally translates to "ghost breath" -- our time listening to this project was super-sweet and unspooling the last gloriously sticky strands is more than a little bittersweet. Dear Scrams, thanks for the memories and, perhaps more importantly, the recordings.

The below podcast is dedicated to Scrams past and present: Joe Cardillo, Nate Daly, Dan Eiland, Kenta Henmi, J.J. Papadopoulos, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, and Matthew Vanek. Heart-hug. See the full track listing below.

1. The Scrams - Chimp Necropsy (Seismologist Remix)
2. Chemtrail Pilot - Legion of Wolves
3. Occasional Detroit - Freek
4. Discotays - Goldtooth
5. The Scrams - Steve Sangre (FluiD Remix)
6. Glad as Knives - Tears of Fire
7. Autopoesis - Love and Electroshock
8. Mama Coma - Can't Stand the Rain
9. Discotays - Cheii

03 November 2011

ABQ MTV: Resurrections, Zoology, and Pliers

Samantha Anne Carrillo

Things in Light is pleased to present the fourth episode of ABQ MTV.

William Fowler Collins' new LP, The Resurrections Unseen, will be available in the U.S. on November 7. The limited edition record was pressed on blood-red vinyl. This mooning -- and, yes, somewhat morbid -- music video provides a fitting visual counterpart to WFC's dark ambient track "Abattoir." Type Records' press release leads with, "There are dark forces at work deep in the deserts of New Mexico." Indeed.

William Fowler Collins - Abattoir from John Twells on Vimeo.

Zoology's video for "Don't Step" showcases slick moves, sick beats, and downtown Burque. Simply put, it's tight. Forward motion, unpretentious enthusiasm, and Nuevomexicano skies make this music video a pleasure to watch. Good on ya, Zoology crew!

Gusher's first music video shows the band -- decked out in gas masks and medical garb -- alternately torturing a bound woman on a school bus and rocking out. So, yeah, the video's narrative is perhaps best described as "beating a dead cliché." But the sound, cinematography, and editing ain't bad. I'll admit I was waiting for a clever twist or satirical ending that never materialized, but that's a matter of personal taste. Watch it below and make your own assessment. And somebody get these guys "some fucking pliers."

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