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20 March 2011

Penetrating the Picture Plane in The City Different

Samantha Anne Carrillo
UPDATE: Pictureplane informed me of this show's cancellation via Facebook at 4:25 p.m. Egedy promises to make up the show as soon as he can.

When I first heard Pictureplane's "Goth Star," I mused about how I wished it had been the soundtrack to the teenage keg parties I attended in the Piney Woods. Intrigued but not well versed in occult, electro, or gothic culture, it would have been just the thing to blow my naïve mind. And, even though I've outgrown a lot of my naïveté, "Goth Star" shone as brightly as it would have in a hypothetical teenage electro-Stevie Nicks phase. Equal parts détournement of and homage to "Seven Wonders," it's an invocation to dance and reminisce.

Pictureplane's Travis Egedy grew up in Santa Fe and migrated to Denver when he graduated from high school. In an interview with Denver Westword, Egedy described The City Different: "Santa Fe blows me away with how progressive that place is. It feels like ten years ahead of the rest of the country. It's super slow paced and laid back. Everyone's really chill and friendly. Everyone's kind of a hippie and the Hispanic culture is really strong down there. There's a lot of Native American culture, which is neat to see. The town is a little segregated. There's a lot of wealth, rich white people there. The Hispanics kind of live on the other side of town. But it's not that bad. There's just not a lot for young people to do there. It's a very small community. Very established. All the galleries cater to the older artists. There's not really a young scene there at all, which is weird."

Native son-turned-Pictureplane aviator Egedy returns to the Fe tomorrow and will perform at Rouge Cat tomorrow night. Doors at 9 p.m. $8-10.

Fellow Denver denizen Hollagramz opens.

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