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As Nasty As Y'all Wanna Be: Burning Paradise Launches Web Show, Zine

I can regularly be found haunting the DVD aisles of UNM's Fine Arts Library. I wander, ghostlike, past videodisk remnants of Alphaville. In these overwhelmingly digital times, these visits always remind me of the precarious position of locally owned video stores when so many humans -- including myself -- regularly access film via the internet. As a fellow obsessive cinephile, I know it's utterly unrealistic to expect y'all to hit up your local video store every time you're itching for a cinematic fix. But buying -- and renting -- locally is more than an overused marketing cliché. Supporting your locally owned video store has a discernible impact on the culture of a city.

Burning Paradise Video has been serving Albuquerque's cult video needs since the summer of '03. While Burning Paradise still has your cult film needs copiously covered, the video outlet has branched out into mainstream video, as well. The best of both worlds, one might muse. So, whether you're in the mood for El Angel Exterminador, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! or Jackass 3, Burning Paradise has what you crave.

Join the Burning Paradise crew and fellow cinephiles tonight for an evening of food, discounts, prizes, and live music, in celebration of Burning Paradise's new aptly titled web show and zine, Video Nasty. Watch a webisode below. Then, scroll on for the Video Nasty Launch Party deets.

New Mexican garage rocanrol institution (and personal favorite!) The Scrams and self-described "Super Punk Rock" upstarts Domestic Violence perform for the love of all that is holy, sacred, and, er, profane. Festivities begin at 7 p.m. All-ages. Food! Prizes! Free! At Burning Paradise's new location, 115 Harvard Dr. SE #2.

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