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11 March 2011

Grrrls, Funky Soul, and SXSF! Oh, My!

Samantha Anne Carrillo

I promise I'll eventually venture away from the aural realm, but there are a few shows happening this weekend that veritably cry out for coverage. And, so far, there ain't been much journalistic interest in these here weekend shows, save that of international darlings A Hawk & A Hacksaw. Don't get me wrong. I dig AHAAH. But it definitely isn't the only bitchin' show happening this weekend.

My Memorias del Subdesarrollo response paper is patiently awaiting my return. So, this blog will take the form of a simple list, with AV aids.


▼ The Fertile Crescent, Glowhouse, and Then Eats Them @ Burt's, 313 Gold SW. 10 p.m. 21+. No cover.

glowhouse - blood in the snow from john on Vimeo.


▼ Grrrl-centric house show, featuring A World Electric (Ana Watson, Brodie Johnson & jazz band Humoso); Zoe Boekbinder; The Teeets; Dakota Belle Watt; and Nick Sitterly @ Gold Haus, 1817 Gold SE. 7 p.m. All-ages. $5.

▼ Funky Soul 45s, featuring Pablo Novelas and the [hard]core members of 7 Inches to Freedom. @ Blackbird Buvette, 509 Central NW. 10 p.m. 21+. No cover.

If y'all are willin' to make the trek to The City Different, you can catch a ton of great performances during the SXSF Transit Music Festival. Here are a few shows happening this weekend that sound cool. For the full schedule, make with the click.


▼ Foster the People, We Barbarians, and Maynard del Mar @ Corazon. 7 p.m. 21+ $5-7.


▼ The Dodos and The Mumlers @ Warehouse 21.6 p.m. All-ages. $12-14.

▼ Asobi Seksu, Braids, and Morning Teleportation @ Corazón. 8 p.m. 21+. $10-12.

▼ Starfucker, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and DJ Dirtgirl @ VFW. 9 p.m. 21+. $8-10.

*Visit/bookmark nmbands.com to stay on top on it all!

Samantha Anne Carrillo / a fifth-wave feminist from the fourth estate | a burqueña | a ladyboss | a writer + editor

I am a fifth-wave feminist and a reluctant member⸺hey, Groucho knew whereof he quipped⸺of both the fourth estate and the gig economy. I am an Albuquerque-based freelance writer, editor and social media marketing and branding+PR consultant. I remain an observant ’90s riot grrrl and a devout practitioner of halfhearted yoga posturing and zen and the art of the sentence diagram.


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