Nite Jewelry in New Mexico

8:23 PM

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere, dear reader. Things in Light will serve as a chronicle of difficult and beautiful New Mexico, both present and past. I will be the primary architect of this space, but I have already invited a couple of formidable Enchanted Land residents to contribute their knowledge to Things in Light. Keep your eyes peeled for their contributions in the near future.

My primary mission statement for this blog is to explore and document the dark corners, forgotten paths, and emotional vortices of New Mexico. I plan to cover everything from that shan't-miss minimalist electro dance-pop show in downtown Albuquerque this weekend to an experiential essay on a Penitente Tenebrae service in an Abiquiu morada. Since I migrated westward from Austin in the summer of '02, I've been drawn to the more "difficult" aspects of the New Mexico historical and cultural experience, but I will strive to approach these subjects with humility and a certain degree of reverence. All too often, I find that these sorts of explorations, particularly those by relative cultural outsiders, end up skirting dangerously close to paternalistic, Orientalist pablum. I hope to avoid that journalistic/literary pitfall and will count on y'all to call me out if I veer toward that problematic style.

Now, about that aforementioned minimalist electro dance-pop show in downtown Albuquerque this weekend. On Saturday evening, much buzzed-about El Lay synth siren Ramona Gonzalez will perform as Nite Jewel at The Kosmos, 1715 Fifth Street NW. Doors open at 9 p.m. Burqueño band of brothers North America and mystery guest Dripping Rainbow open. Gonzalez's solo project arrived on the electro scene three years ago and has garnered both fawning and lukewarm reviews. But the list of Nite Jewel collaborators and touring partners certainly speak to her scenic cred. Said list includes Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Deerhunter, Massive Attack, Caribou and HEALTH. Nite Jewel's bedroom disco features elements of blues, funk, and new wave. By all accounts, the project's metamorphosis from a strict solo vehicle to a band -- with the addition of bass guitarist Corey Lee Granet (Warlocks, The Girls) and sampler and midi-keyboardist Emily Jane (Bubonic Plague) -- has enhanced the sound and spectacle of Nite Jewel shows. Next week, Nite Jewel will be peforming at the Gorilla vs. Bear/Mexican Summer SXSW showcase, alongside Toro y Moi, Games, and No Joy but they're playing for New Mexican eyes and ears-only this Saturday evening. Hike into the sonic landscape of Nite Jewel below.

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  1. These videos are a shocking and, I dare say, cruel reminder of just how stifled I've been in my eyeshadow choices throughout the years.

  2. This post was my introduction to Things in Light, seeing it again is like finding a long lost set of keys or that damn remote for the big screen...comforting, thank you!


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