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In a Minidress of Darkest Green

I'm a big fan of juxtaposition. And it's supremely satisfying when two seemingly disparate ingredients combine to form a delicious treat. You know what I mean? Like sea salt and dark chocolate or cayenne pepper and freshly cut mango... This '06 found footage video for The Handsome Family's "Hunter Green" is the epitome of tasty juxtaposition. Created by David Bromley, the video's contrast of a groovy '60s dance party featuring a negative film effect with the dark, fantastic lyrics (sung by the author) and cello and banjo-driven folk stylings of "Hunter Green" just works. You wouldn't think a groovy '60s dance party would provide the perfect visual background for a song that uses huntin' and fishin' as a metaphor for murder. "I raised my gun so carefully and fired into the trees/ Then saw it was my true love fell, in a dress of darkest green/ Her eyes reflected back the moon as I carried her back to my car/ But as I crossed the empty road was a dead deer in my arms." Watch the video below, man.

*The above photo is Anthony Perkins and Audrey Hepburn with her pet deer, Pippin.

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