ABQ MTV: From the '80s

10:11 PM

Things in Light is pleased to present the sixth installment of ABQ MTV.

First up, check out the funky sorta art rock-slash-new wave sound of Taos-based band The Refrigerators, performing "Dawn Patrol" in 1981.

Second, indulge in the prog-funk stylings of The Wet Sox, performing "DDD & E" in 1981, as well.

Third, here's a short film by Alan Swain called Kitchen Parties. It introduces the viewer to authentic Burque '80s house party culture via documentary footage and Albuquerque streetscapes including one scene that features the notoriously greasy Vip's Big Boy. Soundtrack by Jerry's Kidz.

The final entry in this installment isn't technically a music video, but es lo más chingón, so we had to we had include it Treadmill's cover of Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey."

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  1. Holy crap. Haven't thought about these bands in years....thanks for the share.


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