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ABQ MTV: Touch the Shovel of Turbulence

Things in Light is pleased to present the third episode of ABQ MTV. It's a triad, yo. Y'all keep makin' boss music and vids and we'll keep featurin' it. Deal?

First, badass/Supernormal Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher created this dark, delicious slice of desert nightlife -- or is that post-life?! -- for "Hayley's Ghost," a slice of North America from their forthcoming album, Blown Out. Watching in the dark is recommended.


Second, Brian Fejer created a GIF-tastic video for Tenderizor's "Touch the Sword." This video covers all the bases. I recognized GIFs from Somewhere, Leaving Las Vegas, Eraserhead, The Wizard of Oz, American Psycho, Altered States, An American Werewolf in London -- just to name a few. Plus, lots of music video and commercial GIFs, notably Shake Weight and KFC... It's very NSFW, which is likely the point. What do y'all recognize?


And, last but not least, check out Of God and Science's new video for "Turbulence." Produced by Vizual View, it features stunning cinematography, a tale of childhood friendship, and guys in creepy rabbit masks. Word.

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  1. That's Private Pyle eating a jelly donut on Full Metal Jacket


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