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ABQ MTV: Flashback Film

Image courtesy of cracksinthesidewalk.com/

Things in Light is psyched to present another "episode" of ABQ MTV, featuring local music videos that hark back to '86.

Our first video was broadcast live on Channel 27 in 1986. It features a musical intro by fringe-y Albuquerque new wave keyboard artist Rodger C. Venue. Then, seminal Albuquerque punk rockers Cracks in the Sidewalk share the "Leatherword." Check out youngsters Gordy Anderson (Black Maria, ex-Jerry's Kidz) Chris Partain (ex-Starsky, ex-Elephant, Star Tattoo), Judson Frondorf (designer, "PowerBook-fronter"), and Jez Velasquez (collage artist).


Was that minute-long Rodger C. Venue intro just enough to whet your appetite for synth? You're in luck, 'cause here's a Venue vid from '86, "Danger City." And there's more synth-y goodness on the Rodger C. Venue Myspace, which indicates Venue is now calling Austin home.


I would surely be remiss if I failed to include this Cracks in the Sidewalk "Down" video from '88.


And, for good measure, here's Cracks in the Sidewalk performing in '94 on 5000 Feet High (Ch. 27).


  1. This is just too good for words!

  2. I knew you would appreciate it, Ernest!

  3. Wow. I can't even tell you how seriously influential Teletrax was for me when I was growing up in the 80s in ABQ. That video for "Leatherword" just brought all my teenage angst right back. Awesome.


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