Things in Light Poetry Series 2014: Patrick O'Riley

8:19 PM

For Pola Negri Infused Wth Hope And Dreams You are not alone If you will walk underneath You will see the lightbenders And the outlanders And hear those Who speak in colors Not included in the rainbow As they mist into the foggy shadows Of the Biloweiz Forest Searching for a flannel tableau Of baby Jesus In a place Where all the kiddies Love cold stars And survive on Wisent pemmican Dipped in tobacco nectar


Patrick O’Riley, a very unusual fellow, studied creative writing at the University of New Mexico. He worked on the Mike Douglas show, picked tomatoes in Montana and peaches in South Carolina, pan handled in downtown LA and has spent his life writing about his experiences. He said this about his own work: “I can't think of my past without the spirit of Gabriel saying "This is boring, juice it up a little by telling about your life with the six anarchist Mexican midgets." O’Riley lives in Hurley, New Mexico.

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