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11 April 2013

Things in Light Poetry Series 2013: M. Brianna Stallings


The seventh installment of TiL's 2013 Poetry Series features the work of writer, editor, voice actor and die-hard music nerd M. Brianna Stallings. Learn more about her radness here.

Nerd Lust: The Eternal Question

Is there any way to say
"I'd like to fuck your brain"
that will not result
in a restraining order?


We have decided to try
some things new,
a little variety in life’s diet:

a new soap
dry, smooth and laced with ginseng –
something I picked up
at the Asian market –
because it makes the world smell different
(until we get used to it, of course);
a small bouquet of Peruvian lilies
because they’re pretty
(until the vase tips over);
slivered almonds on the salad
instead of nothing
(until we both grow desensitized
to the smell of cyanide).

We both say, for a time,
how wonderful our little additions
have made our life.
But then we see our decisions fall flat –
the same bills hit the counter top,
the same complaints
drift like cooking smells
back into our conversations.

But at least now
we know well enough that
things can change
and that ignoring the warning
signs can be
exciting and new.


M. Brianna Stallings is a writer, editor, voice actor and die-hard music nerd. Her poetry has appeared previously in Scribendi & Conceptions Southwest. She is currently pursuing her BA in English at UNM, and is this year's undergraduate recipient of the Hillerman/McGarrity Scholarship.  

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