Things in Light Podcast #25: Monkey Business Mix

12:41 PM

Things in Light is pleased to present our twenty-fifth podcast, Monkey Business Mix, featuring Nuevo Mexicano recordings old and new, covers and originals — by Treadmill, Veery, Whiteshell Girl and Turquoise Boy, The Glass Menageries, Fort Hobo, Chinese Love Beads, The Drags, and Luxo Champ. See the full track listing below.

1. Treadmill - Shock the Monkey (Peter Gabriel)
2. Veery - Too Late for Love (Def Leppard)
3. Whiteshell Girl and Turquoise Boy - VI
4. The Glass Menageries - River of Secrets
5. Chinese Love Beads - Ballad of a Brown Beret
6. Fort Hobo - Sandman
7. The Drags - Iron Curtain Rock
8. Luxo Champ - Monkeytime!

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