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Things in Light Podcast #24: Home on the Range Mix

Things in Light is pleased to present our twenty-fourth podcast, Home on the Range Mix, featuring Nuevo Mexicano recordings by Cobra//group, Knife City, Leeches of Lore, Pitch & Bark, Kayfabe Quartet, iNK oN pAPER, Bermvda Shorts, and Sabertooth Cavity. See the full track listing below.

1. Cobra//group - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
2. Knife City - Death
3. Leeches of Lore - La Follia Di Spazio
4. Pitch & Bark - Twisted Hammer
5. Kayfabe Quartet - Le Mat
6. iNK oN pAPER - Mumblety Peg (Live in the Red Stick)
7. Bermvda Shorts - Dzoavits
8. Sabertooth Cavity - Manteca

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