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Things in Light Podcast #22: Impression Mix

Things in Light is pleased to present our twenty-second podcast, Impression Mix, featuring recordings by bands from New Mexico's recent and long-ago past Luxo Champ, The Drags, The Scrams, The Strawberry Zots, Era of Sound, The Kreeg, Saddlesores, and The Rondelles. See the full track listing below.

1. Luxo Champ - Block Mover
2. The Drags - Dirty Little Bird
3. The Scrams - BHJ
4. The Strawberry Zots - Little Latin Lupe Lu
5. Era of Sound - Girl in the Mini Skirt
6. The Kreeg - Impressin'
7. Saddlesores - Me and Raul Julia Down By The Graveyard
8. The Rondelles - Pay Attention to Me

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