In 2012, Albuquerque

A Rough Facsimile of the Outside

In alternate realities, Dreams

Allá En El Rancho Grande

In 1970s, Albuquerque

A Gift for My Friends, at Thanksgiving: Future social experiments—Burque-style, yo

In DJ Mello, eerie

TiL Presents a Very Mello Halloween Mix

In Albuquerque, Black Range

Things in Light Podcast #26: Shutter Mix

In Albuquerque, Chinese Food

The New Chinatown Restaurant and Polynesian Lounge Versus David the Android

In Albuquerque, Balloon Fiesta

Two Octobers

In Annapurna, creative nonfiction

Sixteen Years from Albuquerque

In 94 Rock, Albuquerque

Your Protagonist's Brief Reverie at Winrock

In ABQ Zine Fest, Dirty Zine Reading

Dirty Zines at The Tan

In Albuquerque, Fair Plaza

September Sojourn Shattered

In Albuquerque, Bosque

BrBa Haiku: Say My Name, S5E7

In Albuquerque, BrBa Haiku

BrBa Haiku: Buyout, S5E6

In ABQ MTV, Albuquerque

ABQ MTV: Salad, Pancakes! and Salt Verse


Fiction For Generation X, Albuquerque Variation Number Seven

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