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Supernormal Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher Directs New Parenthetical Girls Video

Things in Light featured Supernormal Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher's "bokeh words" technique at the end of March, showcasing the talented local artist's "Light Works." To refresh your memory, click here.

Wentzel-Fisher directed Portland's Parenthetical Girls' new video, "Careful Who You Dance With," utilizing his "bokeh words" technique, chiaroscuro, and creative camerawork. It's gettin' a lot of buzz, y'all. According to Wentzel-Fisher, the video was shot in the basement of the Bank of America building, at Washington and Central. Fellow Parenthetical Girls fans, we now have a hyper-local tribute zone for our PG-love. Tag suggestion: (♀)

Wentzel-Fisher's video is lovely. Check out it below.


  1. So happy you posted this, had no idea it existed =)

  2. I'm so happy you're so happy!

  3. Parenthetical you say?


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