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02 April 2011

Bevvitched: Fielded Incants Monday in ABQ

Samantha Anne Carrillo
I've been listening to a lot of Kate Bush and witch house lately. That sort of musical headspace was the perfect place from which to access Fielded. Fielded is the solo project of Lindsay Powell (Ga'an, Festival). It's essentially vox-led incantatory pop. But, really, that sort of label can't do Fielded any justice. I've listened to seven or eight Fielded tunes this evening and was never bored. Fielded will perform on Monday evening at The Gold House (1817 Gold SE) with Cloud Lantern (Decca Sequence members playin' lo-fi) and Joseph Angelo (dark folk, Luperci). 8 p.m. $5. All-ages.

Fielded vinyl and cassettes are available from Catholic Tapes, at Fielded's bandcamp page or at Monday evening's show.

Friendship Bracelet says: "Church drones, beat shards, ghost town tumbleweed specters. Woulda been great for creepo-dungeon Halloween mix, could probably be used in place of "Silent Night" shit on yer Christmastime mix, assuming your Christmas party been thrown in the graveyard. I'm talkin ghost of Christmas future shit, clinkin down in a freshly dug grave, huge blue moon overhead, huge pack of coyotes howlin overhead. Long bouts of shivers."

20jazzfunkgreats says: "There has been a wealth of incantatory music recently, reminiscences of rambles across enchanted forests where the layer that separates us from the spirit world becomes translucent. Fewer have however dared to step into that glowing space. Enter Fielded, who with Demon Seed levitate there washed by the spiritual arpeggio of a thousand white witches, this is the silver statue whose weight equals the pyramid of steaming hearts that the minions of darkness pile on the other side of the cosmic scales."

Dig, below.

Fielded - Another Time from Hearsay and Hyperbole on Vimeo.

Fire Rock Walls by Fielded

Red Queen by Fielded



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