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ABQ MTV: Local Music Videos That Rawk


I love music videos. And, this week, I stumbled across two new, local music videos that I absolutely lurve. Scroll on to get your ABQ A/V fix.

Local indie rawk duo Fart House seems to be following a witch house-esque search engine policy, because googling "Fart House" gets one exactly nowhere. Luckily, one-half of Fart House, uber-talented local artist Brapola! (Luke Hussack) shared this Supernormals-directed video for their song, "Song," on Facebook. Filmed at Small Engine Gallery, this video features so-bad-it's-good stand-up comedy, a couple of photogenic ducklings, face-in-hole paintings, and creative editing. And "Song" is a really good, er, song. Check it out!

Next up, check out the beautifully abstract, concretely poetic video that Molly Caldera created for RAWWR!'s "MATI."

Finally, check out the slightly older, but no less fantastic, interstellar road trip video for Monster Paws' "Ray of Light."

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