No Place Like Home: Red Light Cameras Debut "Home" Video

9:31 PM

Do y'all like your indie rock with sincere lyrics, tight instrumentation, and strong female vox? If so, you're in luck. Check out Red Light Cameras' debut music video for the twangy, passionate "Home." According to the band, here's how the vid got made: "Shot on the set for Blackout Theatre's 'A Sparrow's Daughter: A Cuento.' We wanted to shoot something on this gorgeous set, so we did it really quickly on a Saturday afternoon. We used a Canon XH-A1 and played the music twice as fast. We put the camera on a skateboard and slowly scooted it. [Our] guitarist couldn't be there, and our other guitarist was filming. Then, [we] slowed it down using the Optical Flow in Motion 4." Now, click your heels together three times...

See Red Light Cameras live at The Box on April 2.

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